Saturday, 15 January 2011

colour my life with the chaos of trouble;

When my mother recently decided to finally decorate my bedroom, I was so very excited to get planning and creating
as my head is full to the brim with ideas for my perfect room.  I had already picked my furniture, as my mother and I had accidently stumbled upon a sweet little furniture shop in Otley, on our annual trip over to Skipton a weekend or so ago. I have opted for  a gorgeous wardrobe, a book case, and a beautiful dressing table with a mirror, all in a distressed white colour, hand made and delivered free, which is pretty sweet of the shop owner.I had initially thought,
Cath Kidston wallpaper, as I am
absolutely obsessed with her beautiful prints; the York shop is my idea of heaven  and the faux-rooms they have recreated are pretty much my dream home.

Now, I absolutely adore Cath Kidston, and if I could I would own absolutely everything in the shop (enter my rich knight in shining armor), but the wallpaper is £22 a roll, and though my room is not huge, it would
need around 5 rolls a wall, which would work out at a phenomenal amount, my mother has agreed to decorate one wall in the wallpaper as a sort of feature wall but even so, that works out at well over £100, eek! I felt this a little steep, and decided to think up a suitable, yet chic alternative.
After having recently watched 500 Days of Summer, a comment my brother made about me stuck in my head; "You're Summer, that is most definitely you're apartment when you leave home."  I decided to re-watch the film for some much needed inspiration.

This beautiful Toile wallpaper appears in every room of Summer's wonderfully chic apartment, and I absolutely adore it.
I decided to do some price checks online, and see how expensive it would be, initially all I came across was ridiculous prices of between £25 and £70 per roll; I know, how insane; though, with a little research I had found a
gorgeous version of this paper, for a miniscule £8.99 a roll on sale, which makes for one extremely chuffed Alexa.

If you would like details on where to buy yourself some of this amazingly cheap wallpaper, leave me a comment.
Another amazing find I just had to share with you, is my discovery of this fantastic website, the natural curtain company
who allow you to pick out up to six samples of their fabrics online and they will then send them to you absolutely free, and if you fill in a short questionnaire they will give you £5 off your next purchase, just lovely.
I will of course be supplying you with wonderful pictures of my finished bedroom as soon as it's completed.

Sincerely, Alexa ♥

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