Tuesday, 19 April 2011

what i wore number one;

Dearest Readers,

I absolutely love reading other peoples "What I wore" sections, so I decided to try it out for myself,
 but I'm new at this so be kind. It feels so very summery today, even if I am stuck in writing my 
dissertation - good luck to any one completing university work, third year is the hardest ever!
 I am going to get at least another thousand words done and then take my mother out for dinner,
 followed by home made fruit salad, heavy on the strawberries and edible glitter, yum yum yum.
My lovely new Kurt Geiger shoes arrived this morning, and I will have to take you some photos on my amazing new
camera later this week.

Sincerely, Alexa  ♥ 

white vest top - topshop
floral shorts - very
leather loafers - new look
straw hat - vintage
earrings - chanel 
belt - accessorize 
bunny ring and gold chain necklace - both primark


  1. hello, this outifit is very cute, i can say that i love your shoes and your earrings rocks!!!continue like this and u will have a succesful blog!ps check mine if u want www.styleonbook.com/ if you follow leave me a message on my first post and i will follow you back!kiss katia

  2. ring envy! following your blog :)

  3. Love your red hair, straw hat, and nose ring!

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