Monday, 5 March 2012

cause everyone's searching for treasure;

I've mentioned before about my home sweet home town being pretty 
amazing for thrifting. York has it's fair share of charity shops, and the majority are filled to the brim with treasures. My two current favourites are the Oxfam 
store which has an incredible vinyl section, vintage cameras
 and some great vintage childrens books.
The second is the Sue Ryder shop which has the most incredible vintage and retro section, full of dresses to die for, vinyl, home ware and sewing patterns a plenty. 
Here are my favourite thrifted treasures I have found (and brought home much to my mothers annoyance) recently.

Lovely collection of vintage childrens books I've been saving up for when
I have kiddo's to read them too. The illustrations in some of them are so beautiful.

 How amazing is this casserole dish? Isn't the floral print super sweet? It only cost £2.

Pastel coloured mixing bowls have been in my top 5 must have list for a little while now,
I found these powder blue bowls in Oxfam for £5, I cannot wait to use them when I'm baking.

Ice cream sundaes are my favourite, so when I stumbled on these little beauties I 
snapped them up straight away and they were four for just £2!

These two bird salt and pepper mills weren't thrifted, but they were an absolute steal, they were £5  from 
the Urban Outfitters January sale, and I cannot wait for them to take pride of place on my kitchen table. 

Another none-thrifted item, but Brionny and me discovered these floral patterned tumblers
in the 99p store opposite our work. At just 99p for four I just couldn't resist.

These super sweet sugary coloured bowls cost just 99 pence each, and they are pretty similar 
to the brightly coloured beauts they sell in Cath Kidston too. 

Finally this funny little plate was less than a pound. I aim to create a feature on my 
wall with sweetly illustrated plates, so far I've collected this, a nursery rhyme inspired tin plate from my child hood, a cath kidston tin plate and a couple designed and created by the Brionny from Fox Bunting. 

My tips for successful thrifting - 

1. Make sure you take lots of change - most thrift stores do not accept card payments.
2. Be patient and make sure you have plenty of time to rummage.
3. Don't waste your money on things you lust after on a whim - I used to do this so often, and now I am much more careful over what I buy, I just don't have the storage space. 
4. Don't be disheartened if one week you find nothing, but the week before you've found an absolute peach. This happens often, but there's always amazing new things appearing in these stores on a daily to weekly basis.
5. Give yourself a spending limit - this will help you be much more careful over what you purchase and will often help filter out the things you want on a whim but will regret later. 

What're you favourite thrifted pieces? Do you know of any amazing thrift stores I
should definitely take a peek at? Let me know.

Sincerely, Alexa ♥ 

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