Tuesday, 24 July 2012

stand by me;

 I have been utterly useless of late but I promise that is going to change. 

I have finally got into the routine of full time working life and have lots of lovely things to share with you. I am really enjoying working at Urban Outfitters and it is definitely the people that make it so good - thesweet discount definitely helps too. We had staff appreciation last week so I FINALLY bought the Crosley record player I have been fawning over for about a million years. 

 Work aside, my social life just got interesting too. I had a rare Saturday off, so Oliver and I
decided to go carbooting with his sister Alex.
 If you have never visited the car boot sale on York race course 
on a Saturday you are severely missing out, it was pretty much the best I've ever been to. 
I had to hold myself back on several impulse buys though next time i'd probably not have the same sort of will power -I bought the Dirty Dancing OST on vinyl for £1. 
Oliver had to buy a friend a birthday gift and picked out three items, 
a Star Wars toy, a cowboy hat made from animal hide and my favourite of the three, a signed Blazin' Squad photo (yes, you heard right). We were done and home by 12 so we made a picnic and headed out on a bike ride near his house. Pot holes are no ones friend, needless to say I have a very bruised bum. We decided to play with an old Super8 video camera of Ollies', the countryside was the perfect setting, though you only get around three minutes worth of film per roll but I am excited to see how it turns out. Oliver showed me the eighties classic "Stand By Me" that weekend too, it's such a brilliant
coming of age film, definitely a must-see if you haven't already.

Alex and Chris's puppy Blossom.

Thursday was my brothers twenty first and so we had a bbq party in his honor. There was a pinata, cocktails,and of course rainbow cake. Blythe and Oliver came over to keep 
me company and we had lots of fun playing on my beautiful bicycle.

I went out for coffee with my friend Claire after work and discovered the most 
amazing, oversized treats in Costa Coffee, and of course I had to sample them - I genuinely
don't think the Costa guy had ever known anyone be as excited about the giant biscuit as I was.

We recently held a surprise birthday dinner for one of my lovely friends Stephie down in Nottingham. 
I introduced her to one of my best friends Will in December and they've been together ever since, one of my 
fave. couples EVER.

Mama and I recently attended a 40's war weekend at a stately home near our house. We decided
to take a break from the tradition and fuss to look around the gardens and discovered this hidden beauty spot, I need a walled garden!

Finally, another car boot sale bargain, I found this vintage thermos flask for just 50p, isn't it a peach. 
I also managed to pick up several vintage childrens books to add to my collection for very little money too.
I love carboot sales.

Have a lovely Wednesday.
Sincerely, Alexa  

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