Friday, 17 December 2010

twenty two before twenty three;

After having read Elsie's inspirational post; twenty-seven things before twenty-eight on her blog; and with my twenty-second birthday fast approaching, I started work on creating my own beautiful and exciting list, twenty-two before twenty three. I figure I must have coined at least three novels worth of lists in my lifetime, many have gone uncompleted, lost or forgotten, but it occurred to me that these lists were always things I needed to do; chores, jobs and errands; so it was time to compile a list of things I actually wanted to do.

Everything on the list is do-able, or at least, I should be able to start every single one of them before my twenty-second year is out, in fact by tomorrow I will have completed one, and started another two of the things from my list, numbers two, six and twelve. I promise to update my blog as I complete each thing from my list, with photo evidence too.

Sincerely, Alexa ♥

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