Tuesday, 21 December 2010

number six; visit london

I have just arrived back home this very moment from visiting London for the very first time ever. I have been extremely against visiting London for some time now, I am not sure the precise reason why, though I suppose the hustle and bustle of the big smoke and  the insane crowds had put me off, but I have to admit, I was very wrong and I have to say it was amazing, although it was absolutely freezing; my poor little fingers and toes were so, so, cold! We took a hop on hop off bus tour, visited china town, saw "we will rock you" on the west end, and went to the magical Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I would love to visit again when it is perhaps a little warmer so I don't feel as though I am freezing to death. Actually, I would love to visit Winter Wonderland again, the mulled wine was delicious, and it could be quite romantic with the right company.

Hope you enjoy the photographs!

Sincerely, Alexa ♥

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