Wednesday, 29 February 2012

oh, what can you do, with a sentimental heart;

I don't know about you, but I even if I get a day or two off work I never seem to be able to get
 done everything I have listed in my head. I definitely need to be more efficient with my time. I've been super busy of late,  making sure I have my 30 Day Drawing Challenge up to date (I promise you this drawing a day thing is a lot harder than it sounds) taking driving classes, job hunting, working and planning entries for both here and for Ma Bicyclette.  Pretty much the only things that are keeping me grounded right now are my daily heart to hearts with Brionny and dreaming about future plans with Nicola

One thing that makes me pretty upset about being so busy is that I haven't had time to go thrifting for a few weeks now, so that's definitely how my weekend is goingto be spent - I am home alone Saturday and Sunday so I am pretty stoked for some me time. York is  amazing for thrift stores, I have a chest full of beautiful things which cost next to nothing saved up for when I finally move out (which is going to be the subject of my next post on Friday). I literally cannot help myself when it comes to pretty home furnishings, especially for my future kitchen. Do you love to thrift too?What's been your best purchase?

As promised here are my almost  up to date drawings for the 30 day challenge - I'm saving
the most recent ones for next time:

Day Four - Draw Your Favourite Place
(This is a kitchen in a house in the Lake District me and my friends and family have visited,
most amazing place ever.)

Day Five - Draw Your Best Friend(s)

Day Six - Draw Your Favourite Book Character 


Day Seven - Draw Your Favourite Word 

Day Eight - Draw Your Favourite Animated Character 

Day Nine - Draw Your Favourite Television Show
(Sorry, this is just awful)

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Sincerely, Alexa  ♥ 


  1. oh those are very lovely drawings :) ^^


  2. This is such a fun challenge! And I'm really liking your drawings :)