Sunday, 19 February 2012

with my pencil crayons i can draw it, on a piece of paper i can show it to you;

Recently my friend Nicola discovered this lovely idea over at Allison Lehman's blog.

So a few of us girls over at Ma Bicyclette have decided to take on the challenge.
 We will be writing a post up about it this week, so keep your eyes peeled for our attempts - please be kind and promise not to laugh, we're new at this. So here are my attempts for days one through three - 

Day One - Draw Yourself
 I managed cut off my heart tattoo - fail ):

 Day Two - Draw Your Favourite Animal(s)

Day Three - Draw Your Favourite Food

What do you think so far? Tomorrow's challenge is to draw my favourite place, it's 
going to be a toughy. I definitely recommend doing this challenge, it's probably one of the most effective ways i've found for creative motivation. 
Be sure to share your pictures with me.

Sincerely, Alexa 

P.S I keep having dreams (about four or five now) about rescuing Whales, if anyone has 
any idea about what this means let me know.


  1. Your drawings are so pretty! I have recently decided to start drawing again so this challenge could be the perfect opportunity to do that!! Thank you for sharing! - C x

  2. You are so talented ! I love reading your blogs miss alexa x

  3. Thanks so much both of you, I am really enjoying this challenge. I'll post every three days or so with a catchup. Sincerely, Alexa x

  4. cute draw...but you should practice more to create a very great arts!
    goodluck to you...
    loves, saphira <3

  5. This is such a good idea! I love the cute drawings, you're very talented!x

    Caught up in Cake